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    We Are Looking For Moderator Trainees


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    We Are Looking For Moderator Trainees

    Post  Admin on Sat 7 Aug 2010 - 21:49

    Some of you may not be aware of what Moderator is all about. You dont need special skills or knowledge to be one. All you need is proper judgment and consideration. But most of the moderators in any site doesnt really know that. They cant decide what thread to close, what thread to stick, what post to edit, what post to delete, when to be strict, when to be lenient, etc. etc. So they end up letting go of those situations to avoid mistakes. Not because they are incompetent, but due to the fact that each site has its own rules and style of forum management. But members might think otherwise. They might think that those moderators dont deserve the position since they're not doing their job.

    We believe that with this innovation of acquiring new moderators, not only we will have effective this site's Moderators, but also anyone who's interested in becoming a moderator will be given a chance.

    Moderator Trainee Qualifications:

    1. Must be a BSIT Student

    2. Must have forum awareness (knows very well the Forum Guidelines)

    3. Should be proactive

    How to Apply:

    Answer the following questions...

    1.How often do you login here in our site?

    2.What time do you usually login?

    3. What do you use to connect to internet? Is it a home PC, a work/office PC, a school PC, or something else?

    4.On what sections of our site are you most active?

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